Aboot Me

Well…  I used to grow vegetables and run.  Now I just run.  With and without beer.  I’m very versatile.

This blog is my little place where I can capture all the happy trails, races and adventures I encounter on my merry journey through life, as well as a dumping ground for anything else I feel might value whatever poor souls happen to stumble in for a read.

Presently I’m living and working out in San Diego, California.  Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, my job as a software consultant has allowed me to see so much of the USA, but still I feel I’ve only just broke through the surface.  Onwards!



4 thoughts on “Aboot Me”

  1. Hi Lindsay,
    Cool blog. I ran across your site while trying to find pictures/info for the 2013 Catalina trail run. I had met you at the camp site the morning of the race. I think you were coming out of your tent. I’m not sure that you’d remember. Anyway, the low carb/high fat diet for endurance training sounds interesting. I’m training for a tri right now and eat a ton of carbs, nuts, and avocados because it’s easy to bike with. Happy running.

    🙂 katannya

    1. Hey Katannya, thanks!
      Yes I remember meeting at the campsite! I really wanted to do a post on that race as it was so scenic and enjoyable. But time got the better of me. Yeah I’m not fully into the low carb diet yet – because I love tater tots and pizza too much – but definitely trying to cut down and add more healthy fats like nuts and avocados like you say. The proof will be in my upcoming ultras where hopefully I won’t need as many of the gels or get sick with tummy issues.
      Best of luck on your tri 🙂

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